Contribute Your Knowledge

q1 - Contribute Your KnowledgeWhen it comes to the topic of health and wellness, everyone has got their own tips, information, and beliefs. It is those varying opinions which make it quite confusing to determine which advice would be best. In our minds, it is always good to entertain varying ideas regarding health and wellness.

After all, it is good to remember that you do not automatically have to accept the idea—you merely have to entertain it. So you can decide later on if you are actually going to believe the information given or search further sources and deepen your knowledge. Speaking if varying points of information, we are happy to make our announcement!

Epilepsy Navigator is looking for more people to join our writing and contributor teams. We welcome people regardless of writing experience. What we merely ask is that interested parties be wholly capable of cohesive discussions without being pushy about their agendas. What we are looking for are conversational discussions about health, epilepsy, medicine, pain management, anxiety, and seizures.

We highly encourage applicants to have a working PayPal account and a plagiarism checking software. We will be asking for screen captures of the plagiarism report and will be doing our own check. After all, we are going to be discussing important topics so it is critical that original content is provided. The internet is already full of spun content.

If you are interested in joining either of our content development teams, please head on to our contact page and reach out to us. We highly look forward to hearing from you.