Pain Management 101: Quick Tips When You Feel Pain

Pain can happen to anyone at any given time. Some pain is fleeting while some are usually chronic. What is important is that you are prepared when pain does occur. Today, we wanted to talk a bit more regarding health and pain.

Specifically, we wanted to discuss some quick tips for whenever you do have to deal with pain on any given time. If you feel pain, try to do these:

Stay Calm

1 - Pain Management 101: Quick Tips When You Feel Pain

Nothing defeats you like panicking when you feel pain in your system. Staying calm can help you determine the source and degree of your pain. If you feel panicked, try doing deep breathing or meditative mantras to help you regularize your breathing.

Identify the Source

2 - Pain Management 101: Quick Tips When You Feel Pain

Once you are calm, it is important to directly identify the source of the pain. Is it a pain that you are always feeling? How much pain are you in now as opposed to previous times that you’ve felt that pain? Is it something new?

Asking yourself these questions will help you fully determine the severity of the pain you are dealing with.

Tell Someone

3 - Pain Management 101: Quick Tips When You Feel Pain

The moment pain occurs, it is best to share that information to the person next to you regardless if you know them or not. It is important that someone is aware that you are experiencing pain in order to determine if you will need medical assistance or if there is something that they can help you with. Never underestimate the help that you can receive from a kind stranger when it counts.

Always Remember

Pain can be managed. All that is necessary is a prepared mind a go-to habit to effectively distract your mind from the pain. If you cannot stand the pain or it does not abate after a while, do not keep that information to yourself. Always contact your “in case of emergencies” person or call 911. If you cannot do so yourself, tell someone around you do to so for your sake.

Pain is never something that you have to live with. What are your go-to tips when it comes to pain management?

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