Keeping Up With the Times: Four Misconceptions about Vaccines

When it comes to the health of young children, vaccines usually were believed to be a critical part of wellness. In today’s world, a lot of people are quite dubious about that claim. Today, we wanted to focus on the concept of vaccines and the common misconceptions that are associated with vaccines.

Here are the top 4 that we commonly come across:

Links to Autism

11 - Keeping Up With the Times: Four Misconceptions about Vaccines

A lot of the anti-vaccine believers cry at the top of their lungs regarding the supposed linking of vaccines to autism in children. There has been no concrete study—independent or otherwise—that has proven that vaccines directly cause autism. Autism cannot be manufactured—it is in the genes that comprise the being which is directly responsible or a lack of oxygen upon birth.


12 - Keeping Up With the Times: Four Misconceptions about Vaccines

This one may sound a little vague so let us elaborate. There are people who believe that they are not harming others when they actively decide to not vaccinate their child. They run on the belief that since other children are vaccinated, this means that there is nothing that can infect their child—even if something does afflict the child, other children shouldn’t be affected.

We do not have enough words to express how wrong this is. This belief is the reason why there are a lot of epidemics of measles, small pox, and polio that has hit communities.

Illnesses Prevented Aren’t Serious

13 - Keeping Up With the Times: Four Misconceptions about Vaccines

Since for the longest time most people did subscribe to the belief that vaccines are good, for several decades the illnesses which have ravaged communities were basically non-existent or extremely limited. This led to the belief that the illnesses that the vaccines prevented were not that serious and therefore they were subjecting their kids to unnecessary shots.

This, of course, helped to cultivate the idea that kids didn’t need the shots since the illnesses that vaccines prevent “aren’t that bad” or “aren’t serious”. We would like to remind everyone that vaccines were developed out of necessity as illnesses like whooping cough can be fatal to young children. You can look up the sheer number of whooping cough cases in Australia over the past few years.

Vaccines Aren’t Tested

This is the one that we come across and just makes us want to sigh outwardly. There are people that do believe that vaccines are just goop that is concocted together in a lab and then just distributed without any testing. Not only is that highly illegal but it is completely unethical.

Always Remember

When someone actively chooses to not vaccinate a child, they aren’t just putting that child’s safety at stake. They are actively choosing to put the safety of other children at risk as well. The reason why certain illnesses were perceived to no longer be a threat is because they rarely happened since most children were vaccinated. Do not gamble with someone else’s life. Learn more about vaccines before you make your decision.

What misconception about vaccines have you come across?

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