Generic VS Branded: Looking Closely At the Power of a Placebo

When it comes to the topic of medicine, there has always been a constant debate that has gone one. The sides are usually one of two: Generic or Branded Medicine.


In terms of medicine, generic medicine is coined to be ‘copies’ of the branded forms of medicine. Generic medicine is normally more affordable for the general market. Yet, usually have almost identical pharmacological results despite being cheaper.

Branded medicine is usually sold under a specific name that is normally trademarked by a specific pharmaceutical company.

The Debate

The ongoing debate is whether people should patronize one over the other. There have been a lot of people that focus on the pharmacological effects of each. Many claim that branded is better because the ingredients are exact and clear. There has been much debate on the safety of generic brands.


It was around 2015 that the University of Cincinnati had conducted a study regarding the efficacy of generic medicine versus branded ones. A set number of subjects were given two shots. They were told that shot 1 was more expensive than shot 2.

The subjects reported roughly around 30% improvement on their symptoms after getting shot 1 as opposed to the almost no reported improvement for shot 2. What the subjects were not told was the fact that both shots were merely a saline solution and had no pharmacological effects. It goes to show that the mind plays a big part in what it perceives to be the superior in terms of medicinal efficacy.

So ultimately, it will be down to the preference of the user.

Always Remember

The decisions that you make regarding your medicine choices is all up to you. You shouldn’t ever allow anyone to shame you into choosing one over the other. Medicine is medicine. Your choices regarding what type of medicine you choose to patronize is no one else’s business, right?

We hope that today’s discussion gives you a better understanding regarding the concept of generic and branded medicines and the idea of a placebo. Which do you choose: generic or branded? How come?

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