Looking a Little Bit Closer: Different Types of Seizures

Seizures are often difficult to talk about. They occur seemingly out of nowhere and can really do a lot of damage. People generally believe that all seizures are the same. This, however, is far from the truth. Today, we wanted to discuss some of the different types of seizures that have been properly identified and categorized.

Here are some of the different types of seizures:

Focal Seizures

This particular type of seizure is called a focal one because the damage or the sudden firing of synapses in the brain only occurs in one particular part or in one side (or hemisphere). Most focal seizures can show up in different ways. If the part of the brain is one which is directly responsible for vision, the person’s vision can be impaired or there can be spastic eye movement.

If the focal seizure occurs in the side of the brain that is responsible for the movements of the muscles of the body, this will take the form of the normal actions attributed to seizures which is sudden and uncontrollable muscle spasms. Normally focal seizures are localized to a particular area so if you get hit with a focal seizure, chances are is that it will only occur on that side of the brain.

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However, it does have the risk of damaging or affecting other parts of the brain if not addressed appropriately.

Generalized Seizures

As opposed to the focal seizures, generalized ones affect several parts of the brain. There are different types of generalized seizures. Here are some of them:

Absence Seizure

This is the sort of seizure that happens fast and doesn’t stay long. It clocks in at around 10 seconds at its maximum. Usually the symptoms aren’t extreme which is why a lot of people continue to go undiagnosed.  People who experience absence seizures tend to look like they are simply staring blankly into space. There might even be some involuntary but repetitive movements involved.

Tonic-Clonic Seizure

This particular seizure is one which the world is more familiar with. This is the seizure that makes the person lose consciousness before the full-body spasms start. The start will usually come when the muscles go stiff (the tonic part). Then the body will start to jerk and spasm (clonic part).

Immediate assistance is important for those that suffer from tonic-clonic seizures as they may invariably cause harm upon themselves like biting the tongue or landing hard on one’s head during the tonic part.

Always Remember

When you or someone that you know experiences a seizure, even if it is one which is fleeting, always seek immediate medical assistance. A seizure may be a symptom of a more serious condition or is the first of many more. When it comes to neurological issues, immediate medical assistance is crucial. You may have some damage to your brain but aren’t showing any symptoms right now. It is always important to get checked right away.

What type of seizure are you familiar with?

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