Got A Teen In the Home? Healthy Eating Tips for Them to Remember

Our health is best safeguarded by good habits. It’s not just the physical habits that keep us healthy; it is the eating habits which help teens stay fit and strong. Today, we wanted to dive into this particular topic. A lot of families tend to give teenagers a lot of berth as most people believe this is the best way to avoid “rebellious” ages and friction in the household.

The truth is, teens do need the continued support, presence, and guidance of adults—especially when it comes to healthy eating. The world of today is all about convenience so it can be easy to grab junk food rather than something that is both nutritious and filling. In that light, we wanted to share some healthy eating tips that you can have them remember. Tips like:

Fruits and Veggies are Friends

21 - Got A Teen In the Home? Healthy Eating Tips for Them to Remember

When they were children, veggies were probably the very last thing that they wanted to imbibe into their system. However, doctors will always say that humans will always need vegetables as a regular part of their diet.

Teens tend to ignore fruits and veggies over other things like pizza, popcorn, and so many other highly greasy foods. After all, this is usually the age when they feel pretty invincible. The truth is this is actually the age where they can really use the vitamins and nutrients that come from fruits and veggies. Get your teen to regularly imbibe both fruits and veggies in order to build a stronger immunity toward usual allergens and viruses that tend to hover during certain seasons.

Protein is a Friend

22 - Got A Teen In the Home? Healthy Eating Tips for Them to Remember

A lot of athletes swear by their high protein diets. This is because proteins help to repair any damaged muscles that can tear during excessive movements or strenuous activities. Protein is obtained through seafood and nuts.

Protein is also good in providing a longer source of energy as opposed to carbohydrates which burn out pretty fast. People who eat more protein stay full for longer and make use of the energy a lot better as it drawn out rather than a quick rise and sputters out at the end of a couple of hours.

Dairy for Your Bones

23 - Got A Teen In the Home? Healthy Eating Tips for Them to Remember

Teenagers and their bones are still hardening. Most people tend to think that only young children need dairy (milk, specifically) to have stronger bones and faster bone development. Teens still need dairy in their system. If they happen to be lactose-intolerant, there are alternatives like soy which is also rich in calcium.

Always Remember

What we all put into our body will largely determine our overall health. You may think your teen look healthy but if you do nothing as they stuff their faces with processed sugars and saturated fats, their insides will tell you otherwise. Over time, that will take a significant toll on more than just their skin or their energy levels. It will eventually take a toll on the health of their organs.

What healthy eating tips do you have for teens?

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